30 Sep 2011

WOW Friday already . . . .

Where do the days go ? One minute it's Monday morning and the next time I turn around it's Friday . . . .

So today I'm over at   . . . . .  . . . Pixel Dust Photo Art for Photo Art Friday.

There's no theme we are free to post whatever piece of artwork we want but as Bonnie is hosting this I wanted to work with one of her textures to produce something for this week. I chose the "SapphireDustTexture1"

This is called "summer Flower Mosaic" because it reminds me of some of the Roman floor mosaics we have here in Kos. There is so much archaeology here that it's almost common place and parts are integrated into everyday life. I think it's only in fairly recent years that people have started to appreciate just what treasures they have.

Anyway, here it is . .  . and I hope this flash of summer brightness cheers you all.

Love Teresa xx :-)        

Photo Art Friday

29 Sep 2011

I'm only looking . . . . . .

I've just been over to Kim Klassen cafe http://www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe/ and in the Test Kitchen she asked if we would like to do an edit of a photo of cows she provided using her new texture "the Ladder"

Here is mine :-

This is very different from my usual subjects but I enjoyed it . . . . . .:-))

Love Teresa xx

27 Sep 2011

It's Texture Tuesday and I'm in . . . . . .LOVE

 This is the subject over at....
                                                         kimklassencafe    . . . . . . . . .LOVE
 . . . . . .and I'm in love with my morning coffee . . . . . . .

I'm a tea drinker at heart but at about 11 o clock each morning, after I've done the bits and pieces I need to do it's coffee time.
In the summer I like to nip down to the bay, which is only 5 minutes away and have my coffee at Sebastians taverna . . .my favourite place . . . .where I not only get delicious coffee but I'm only a couple of yards from the sea.

This was my coffee on Sunday morning . . .



This is a screen snapshot of the workflow and the textures I used were "Framed" and "Serious Magic"

Looking forward, as always, to seeing what you've all produced.
Love Teresa xx :-)

23 Sep 2011

I'm off to Pixel Dust Photo Art today

It's Friday so time to post my entry at  

Photo Art Friday

We had our first rain since My on Wednesday night, and although accompanied by spectacular thunder and lightning . . . . . . it was wonderful.
Everything smells so fresh now and more importantly everything will start to grow again. Most plants stay pretty dormant during the long hot summer, they survive but it's not until the Autumn that they take a deep breath and begin to recover . . . . . .That's the way the humans feel as well I think :-)

Anyway, my entry today takes us back to the very gentle and lovely days of early summer.

"Fragile Beauty"

The texture was by French Kiss Textures.

I hope this Friday finds you all happy and healthy . . . . . . . . . . .and at your creative best . . . .

Love Teresa x :-))

20 Sep 2011

Happy Texture Tuesday

I hope this Tuesday finds everyone full of the joys of . . . . . .whatever season it is for you :-))

This week at kimklassencafe it's a free theme so we get to choose the textures and subject.

This is my entry today, the very pretty flowers of the Cordyline tree which are flowering now and looking so lovely.

So here are my "Musical Bells"

I used two textures (Soft and Sanded Shakespeare Sonnet and Art of Joy) and a lot of layers plus some tweaky bits to get the look I wanted. Mind you that sounds as though I knew what I wanted when I started . . . .I didn't I just had a vague impression ,the rest just evolved.

I've done this screen snapshot of the finished layers . . . . . . .someone might find it interesting or helpful.

I'm looking forward to having a good look around what you've all produced later . . but at the moment breakfast is calling and I'm listening .

Have a good day everyone, Teresa xx :-)

16 Sep 2011

Friday time

It's time to pop on over  to
Pixel Dust Photo Art
 and see what everyone has been up to this week.

This is my offering for today. It's a shot from inside one of my favourite tavernas here in Kos and it's right on the beach . . . .  you literally go down the steps and on to the sand . . . .lovely.

I used a texture by Leslie Nicole to add the colour and texture I wanted.

Sit back with a cup of coffee, close your eyes and feel the sun  . . . . .aaaahhhh . . . . 

Love Teresa xx :-)

13 Sep 2011

It's Texture Tuesday time . . . .

So Tuesday has rolled around again so quickly . . . .where do the weeks go ? It dosen't seen so long ago that I was thinking about the summer season starting and here we are nearly at the end of it . . . .

So, the theme this week I've chosen from the choice Kim gave us was to use her texture Autumn Burst. I actually used that texture in 3 different layers and then a final layer of Canvas magic.

I've called this "The Last Page of  Summer"

What did you all produce?? Can't wait to see . . . .  .

Love Teresa xx :-))

12 Sep 2011

Soft and dreamy

I've been having a lovely time using the textures I've bought at Leslie Nicole's site .http://frenchkisstextures.com/

 I wanted to create something soft and dreamy and after trying out lots of different layers and blend modes this is what I eventually came up with.

I hope you like it.

Happy Monday everyone,
Teresa xx :-))

10 Sep 2011

I'm over at Pixel Dust Photo Art for . . . . .

Photo Art Friday

I'm looking forward to seeing all of the entries. This is mine and I hope all of you who are having such bad weather will be cheered up by the sight of these happy flowers . . . .

I used a texture by Leslie Nicole to get the effect I wanted .

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Teresa :-)) xx

6 Sep 2011

Summer heat and Texture Tuesday

I'm so looking forward to the first rains of Autumn . . . .We haven't had any rain since May and everything needs a good soaking.

More to the point, I have no flowers left in the garden to photograph apart from the plumbago, which has flowered it's little heart out all summer but I've taken so many photos of this that I've run out of inspiration.

I did see some lovely flowers in a garden about a mile away from me and when we get a calm day I'm going to go and investigate to see if I can get some shots of them.

 The heat of the summer saps my energy but as soon as we get a few cooler days I feel invigorated. Before I lived here I thought that the Greek would be well adapted to the heat but I've discovered that they feel the heat as much as I do but they just accept that it is normal and has to be endured. It's funny though they talk about the weather as much as we English !!

Anyway enough of my whinging, I really enjoy living here and being a bit hot in the summer is a small price to pay for all the other benefits.


It's Texture Tuesday again, the days really go by so quickly, and the challenge this week was to use a layer of Kims texture "crackerjack".

Here we are, a little person, ready for her closeup . . .

I used two textures, "crackerjack" and "frame it"

This little goat was part of a herd  . . . by the way did you know that the collective noun for goats is herd, tribe or trip? I didn't until I just looked it up . . . that were grazing in the countryside as I was taking a walk in the Spring. Some of the goats still graze freely and wander around at will, it's a lovely sight to see especially when there are young. Isn't she just so pretty . . .

Can I just add a thank you for your kind thoughts last week for my injured arm, it's now back to normal with only the very occasional twinge if I overdo it.

Looking forward to seeing what you've all produced,
Teresa xx:-)