31 Jul 2011

Some more florals

I've been working away on my floral photos the last few days. I'm really into using textures and now that I feel more at home with "Elements" I'm so enjoying myself.

These are two of the recent ones

I used a 
texture by Leslie Nicole ( French Kiss) to give it the light and airy feel I wanted. . . . . . .                      

and the next one has textures from Leslie and also Kim Klassen.

Hope you enjoy them, I had great fun producing them . . . .

Love Teresa xx :-)

28 Jul 2011

New textures

I came across another site specialising in textures the other day, it's  http://frenchkisstextures.com/ and it's definitely worth a look.

Leslie Nicole, who owns the site, has a completely different style from Kim Klassen at the cafe so it's really interesting to see things from another point of view.

These are a couple I've done so far

The first is using "French Kiss Fleurs"

and this is using two textures "French Kiss"Eglantine" and Kim Klassen "Frame it"

I'm like a child in a sweet shop with all these new goodies, there's so much to learn . . . 

Love to all,
Teresa xx :-)

26 Jul 2011



It's Tuesday so that means it's Texture Tuesday over at KIm 's site and time for this weeks entry.

The challenge this week was to use any of Kim's textures on a photo with the theme of "dream". So this is mine, a photo  of my cat Minnie taken when she was dozing on top of the car ( one of her favourite spots for afternoon slumber time )

By the look on her face I'm pretty sure her dream involves either birds or mice !!

I used two of Kim's textures, "soft and sanded" and "frame it"

Sweet dreams Minnie.

Love to all,

Teresa xx :-)

24 Jul 2011

A day out with the donkeys

There's a taverna on the road into Kos where, for the last few years, some donkeys have been kept in a pen on the opposite side of the road. We stopped for a coffee today to take some pics.

By Greek standards these are really well fed and it was nice to see them in a group rather than being solitary, as is usual. There were tubs of grain you could buy to feed them and they seemed very content, greedy, but content!!

This one is kept outside the pen and kept nudging me for food
The taverna is in the background

and this one really knew what she wanted !!
Give me the food!

                                                                       Spot the spelling mistake!!
I'm first!


See you soon

Teresa xxx :-)      

23 Jul 2011

We don't have to be perfect to be beautiful !!

(Thanks to Kim Klassen for the texture)

Teresa xx  :-)

22 Jul 2011


I was reading someone's blog today and she wrote about how her son was broken hearted after a relationship breakup and it made me think about how we all carry hurt around with us or the scars from previous hurts.

Life is painful.

As a christian I believe that God has everything under control but that doesn't mean that it's a painless path that we walk. The wonderful thing though, is that there's a place of love and peace that God has provided for us, a place where our hearts can be mended and our minds restored.

In my life I find that so many things cause me to lose sight of this and wander away ( the baubles and tinsel are so glittery!! ) but as soon as I'm hurting that's the place I want to run to.

And that's the miracle of Gods love for me and all of us that no matter where we stray, no matter when we stray He is always waiting for us with open arms overflowing with love. I'm fickle but God is constant.

Wonderful isn't it.

The photo kind of sums up the way I feel.

Speak soon

Teresa xx :-)

20 Jul 2011

So today marks a milestone, my first post on my first blog, exciting!!
You'll find that I use a lot of exclamation marks, I can't seem to get by without them!!

So what's the purpose of all this? Really it's a space where I can talk about things which catch my eye, things which are important to me or things that I think others will find interesting.
Above all it's a place place where I can share my love of photography and the artwork that I produce.
I don't have any pretensions as to the greatness of this but it's something that I love doing and I know there are lots of you out there who enjoy the same thing. So feel free to post your comments and please include links back to your own blogs, flickr streams etc.

Today I want to post three images that sum up Greece for me ( my home for the last 12 years). Hope you can feel the sunshine!

Speak again soon

Teresa xxx :-)

So colourful

blue and white

view from the church