28 Jul 2011

New textures

I came across another site specialising in textures the other day, it's  http://frenchkisstextures.com/ and it's definitely worth a look.

Leslie Nicole, who owns the site, has a completely different style from Kim Klassen at the cafe so it's really interesting to see things from another point of view.

These are a couple I've done so far

The first is using "French Kiss Fleurs"

and this is using two textures "French Kiss"Eglantine" and Kim Klassen "Frame it"

I'm like a child in a sweet shop with all these new goodies, there's so much to learn . . . 

Love to all,
Teresa xx :-)


  1. Happy Friday, Teresa. Thanks for the link and well done with the textures. I am in love with the second one (and I am NOT a pink lover, usually), just delightful!

  2. BTW, I have added you to my blog roll, hope it's ok :) Ciao!

  3. Beautiful textured photos!

  4. I am gobsmacked.
    These are the most delightful images i have seen for ages. Makes me wonder why I bother.


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