31 Jul 2011

Some more florals

I've been working away on my floral photos the last few days. I'm really into using textures and now that I feel more at home with "Elements" I'm so enjoying myself.

These are two of the recent ones

I used a 
texture by Leslie Nicole ( French Kiss) to give it the light and airy feel I wanted. . . . . . .                      

and the next one has textures from Leslie and also Kim Klassen.

Hope you enjoy them, I had great fun producing them . . . .

Love Teresa xx :-)


  1. What beautiful pictures - I love the colours! Poppies are my favorite!

  2. Ciao Teresa.
    Both beautiful images, but that poppy is simply gorgeous, wow! :)
    Have a happy August!

  3. Hiya Teresa,
    Oh girl, what pictures!
    There ought to be dozens of comments here for something so very, very beautiful.
    Have you thought of entering the August Break meme??
    This quality ought to be broadcast more.
    Links on my place.


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you