20 Jul 2011

So today marks a milestone, my first post on my first blog, exciting!!
You'll find that I use a lot of exclamation marks, I can't seem to get by without them!!

So what's the purpose of all this? Really it's a space where I can talk about things which catch my eye, things which are important to me or things that I think others will find interesting.
Above all it's a place place where I can share my love of photography and the artwork that I produce.
I don't have any pretensions as to the greatness of this but it's something that I love doing and I know there are lots of you out there who enjoy the same thing. So feel free to post your comments and please include links back to your own blogs, flickr streams etc.

Today I want to post three images that sum up Greece for me ( my home for the last 12 years). Hope you can feel the sunshine!

Speak again soon

Teresa xxx :-)

So colourful

blue and white

view from the church

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