22 Jul 2011


I was reading someone's blog today and she wrote about how her son was broken hearted after a relationship breakup and it made me think about how we all carry hurt around with us or the scars from previous hurts.

Life is painful.

As a christian I believe that God has everything under control but that doesn't mean that it's a painless path that we walk. The wonderful thing though, is that there's a place of love and peace that God has provided for us, a place where our hearts can be mended and our minds restored.

In my life I find that so many things cause me to lose sight of this and wander away ( the baubles and tinsel are so glittery!! ) but as soon as I'm hurting that's the place I want to run to.

And that's the miracle of Gods love for me and all of us that no matter where we stray, no matter when we stray He is always waiting for us with open arms overflowing with love. I'm fickle but God is constant.

Wonderful isn't it.

The photo kind of sums up the way I feel.

Speak soon

Teresa xx :-)

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