20 Dec 2011

Plainly pink . . . . .

I was given a gift of a little potted cyclamen which was so sweet and of course I took a lot of  photos. As I was working with the images I had taken I decided to make this one  a "pinky" colour which is quite a departure from the things I normally do.

This new set of pics dovetailed very happily with the fact that Kim Klassen has been so generous this Christmas and is freely giving a new texture every day for the "twelve days of |Christmas so it was an ideal opportunity  to use one of those on it. . . . .I love her magic textures and this one is called "moremagicscratched" and as she has said, for those of you who may not know, the way to use the magic textures is in screen mode at 100%.

I have called this one "pink inspiration"

It's decidedly soggy here at the moment . . .hoping it clears up soon or I'm going to get rather damp walking to my friends house later . . .
Keep smiling :-)) Love Teresa xx


  1. Kim's textures are so amazing. I love what you have done with this lovely flower, such a wonderful composition.

  2. reminds me of my vacations in greece a million years ago (as a student - must have been about 1979/80). it was the only time i saw small wild cyclamen, so pretty! didn´t have a camera of good quality this time...
    your editing is delicious!! love that monochromatic scheme!

  3. Happy afternoon, Teresa! :)
    Beautiful cyclamen, I like what you have done with Kim's texture. So pretty in pink!
    Happy day! xo

  4. This is just beautiful Teresa!
    I wish you a wonderful Holiday.


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