9 Dec 2011

Underwater . . . .

I was down at the harbour the other day and it was so calm. I loved the reflections of the boats in the water and snapped away quite happily.

So here is "Underwater"

Have a good weekend everyone . . . .and to all those in the UK . . .stay warm ..
Love Teresa xx :-)


  1. Teresa, this is just beautiful! I could stare at it all day long!

  2. Hi Teresa, and happy Friday! We are still here ;) the powerful winter storm didn’t blow us away.
    Lovely reflection, I really like the blue, so summery! Well seen!
    I hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend! xo

  3. How beautiful this is Teresa!

  4. That's lovely, I can see the little fish swimming around.

  5. the blue & turquoise shades are so delightful!

  6. Hi Teresa, how are you doing? :)
    Had a look at your first blog post and I loved the three images that sum up Greece for you! :) Just fantastic! And yes, I sure remember Greece to be that sunny, warm and beautiful! :)
    Enjoy the rest of the week! xo

  7. Teresa, I hope you're still enjoying good weather... Happy holidays and congrats on that wonderful photo! I love that you can see the fry swimming through the water too! =)


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