5 Dec 2011

Whispers of Summer . . . .

These dried grasses have been sitting on my kitchen window sill for months now and they always look the smae . . .so delicate and beautiful . . . they just go on and on and on.

I took some really close, close up shots and this is one of the results . . . .

"Whipsers of Summer"

                                                                                                   Texture is by Leslile Nicole

We've got another mild day today and we really have had a lovely spell of calm sunny weather . . . .but the clouds are beginning to build and tomorrow and the next day is forecast as rainy . . . so I made sure I got out and about with my camera first thing this morning . . . .got to have something to work on :-)

Happy Monday, Teresa xx :-)


  1. A gorgeous image ~ I love the soft focus and delicate colours !!

  2. I really like the beautiful soft focus, Teresa! :)
    We got the first snow of the season.
    Sweet dreams and happy Tuesday ahead!

  3. Beautifully done, the softness of the image matches the delicate subject.

  4. These are wonderful Teresa, beautiful light and focus ;)

  5. The tones in this are just wonderful.
    I love the simplicity too.

  6. almost no color here, but so wonderfully delicate!


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