21 Feb 2012

Back to normal . . .

Well the telephone company came to the house and I think they have finally sorted out my internet problems . . .what a relief . . .The two young men who came were very helpful and thankfully, spoke good English.

It was always my intention when we came here to speak Greek fluently but I haven't progressed past the basic stage and I've  finally had to admit that because we speak English at home I'm not immersed in the language enough to be really fluent . . .I have found it a nightmare language to learn but fortunately the Greek people are so encouraging when a person tries to speak their language that it makes it really worthwhile. . . .so I have my "pidgin" Greek conversations whenever I can . . . :-)

But back to the main purpose of this post which is Texture Tuesday  over at Kim Klassen's. The theme is to use Kim's texture "Felicity" as part of the processing. I've chosen a shot of my little roses in a vase with a quote from Henri Matisse. . . . .


                                             . . . .and here's the workflow 

The weather is due to warm up in the next day or so . . . .happy days . .. 

Happy Tuesday everyone . . .Teresa xx :-)


  1. 'morning, Teresa!
    What a lovely vase of beauties you have here! :)
    Love that quote too!

    Like you, I'm not immersed in the language (English) enough to be really fluent. Unlike your situation, English speakers are not that encouraging, they just assume everyone should speak English. :P So sometimes I do not even try, I let hubby speak.

    I found Greek fascinating :) but yes, it's a bit difficult to learn. I only know a few words coz one of our friends here is from Athens.

    But I am rumbling ;) enjoy your day! Coffee time for me. xo

  2. Ops, sorry, I forgot to mention that my entry is here today:
    Happy Tuesday! :)

  3. beautiful quote! and i love the turquoise contrast here.

  4. Beautiful contrast between the vase and the gorgeous flowers. Glad your internet problem is fixed.

  5. Beautiful photo. Love the contrasting colours of the flowers and the vase. Great quote too.

  6. Your photography is really lovely, and this is no exception. I love how you've used the vase to add contrast and pop to the image, yet it never detracts from the gorgeous glowers. Your quote is perfect, too.

  7. wonderful quote. the pop of color in the vase really adds to the photo.

  8. Your perspective (or point of view, I guess) of this scene is wonderful! Beautiful flowers and colors, too.

  9. Beautiful soft and peaceful composition and I loved your use of the texture! Wonderful quote too!

  10. Monsieur Matisse said it perfectly and your photo adds life to his words.

  11. Those soft pink roses look beautiful in the blue vase. Wonderful work!

  12. you are so fortunate to have such beautiful roses to photograph. the texture looks wonderful with the roses, and the blue vase and touches of pink in the flowers looks so lovely!

  13. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Teresa :) I am hopeless when it comes to another language, I do try but I am quite shy :P Here the Glaswegian accent is amazingly difficult to understand (also for our American friends, not just for me, LOL), and when I ask to repeat people just yell, like I was deaf ;) and that just demoralize me. A couple of ladies lately asked me why I live here if I cannot speak a perfect English. Gosh, I cannot tell you how ashamed I was!
    Anyway, I am rambling, sorry :)
    Hope you are enjoying Greece. I have been there only once when I was 17, but I loved the warmth of the people. :)
    Sweet dreams!

    1. Kia if it makes you feel better . . .I was born in England but have Scottish relations and when they first came to live "down South" I could hardly understand them at all . . .it was as though they were speaking a foreign language . . .:-)
      Please, please don't feel ashamed because you have trouble communicating . . people are unthoughtful and can be unkind for lots of reasons . . . it is nothing to do with you . . .just keep trying . . .
      I agree with you about Greek people they are generally very kind and helpful . . .and a lot speak English . . .phew . .:-))) Teresa xx

  14. Beautiful work as usual, Teresa. I think I'm going to try RadLab. I keep saying that and then.........

  15. Thank you so much, Teresa (got your email). I know I am not the only one to have problems with a foreign language :) but sometimes my minds just goes black when I see that the other person does not even try to understand ;) and I just give up. I know I should not, but I can't help it. Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated! :)
    Sweet dreams and have a lovely weekend! xo

  16. Happy March, Teresa! Enjoy the weekend! :)

  17. I love that kind of fluffy roses but I don't find them in Finland, sight...I want one. The colors of the roses are so beautiful, only hint of this and that but mainly white. Beautiful.

  18. Just checking in to see how you are doing. I miss your beautiful photos and posts. I tried to email you to let you know that you are missed, but Windows Live wouldn't put my post through. I hope you are doing well, and I'll be watching for your posts : )

  19. Ciao Teresa, happy April! :)
    Just dropped by to see how you are doing. Have a lovely Easter Week! xo


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