14 Feb 2012

Happiness is . . . . . . . .

What a week . . .violent storms . . .no electricity for 20 hours and no telephone and internet for 3 days . . . internet still not fixed properly yet . . . phew !!!

The weather this winter seems to mirror the turmoil that the country is going through and whilst I am unhappy about the inconveniences I have to put up with, they really are quite insignificant when compared to the very real suffering that some people here are experiencing and that more will certainly experience in the future. . . . very difficult times for a lot of people . . . ..

Actually I'm really on the wrong tack here because the challenge this week at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday is happiness . . . . .and I thank God that no matter what,  there is a place where I can be at peace . . . . .wonderful . . .

For my entry this week I've returned to flowers . . .

"Happiness is Togetherness"

  . . . . .this is the workflow . .

Hopefully the internet will still be up tomorrow when I come to post this on Kim's site and I'll be able to visit you. It tends to be up and down like a yo yo :-)

Happy Tuesday everyone,
Teresa :-) xx


  1. Oh so sorry to hear about the storms and electricity, etc. That's no fun at all! Hopefully there will be much happiness coming your way!

    The flowers are gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful photograph! And perfect for the occasion too!

    Happy Valentine's Day! :)

  3. 'morning!
    How lovely and perfect for today, Teresa! :)
    Hope the weather will improve soon.
    Take care! xo

  4. I saw in Athens has been some little riots about new deal with EU, Greece having new money packet from all of us. I hope it is calm there where you are. So how the weather has been there...big storms ...has it snowed there too?!
    Picture is perfect even the weather is not:)
    Happy Valentine

  5. A beautiful image, I hope you're ok there and that your services become reliable and stable again very soon :)

  6. A lovely image, I love the little buds and the texture work.

  7. your photo and texture work is beautiful. sure hope things calm done soon and you get your internet up and running

  8. So beautiful!! I love the still life you chose. Gorgeous

  9. What a beautiful and sincere photo. I love the combination of blur and texture in the background. Nice work.

  10. great choice, love this couple of rosebuds!
    fingers crossed that your internet will run smooth soon!

  11. Perfect application, Teresa! I chose flowers for "happiness", too!


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you