4 Feb 2012

Something gentle . . . . . .

These are my "rescued"roses . . picked before we had some very strong winds. I wanted a really gentle and soft treatment for them so used the "golden" texture from Kim Klassen and reduced the saturation of the texture.

"Floral Dreams

At last today we have a bit of sunshine but it's literally the calm before the storm . . .gales on the way. . .and to all of my English friends . . .stay warm . . .such icy weather there.

Happy Sunday everyone, Teresa xx :-)


  1. Beautiful rose and photo,,,

    Marit , Norway.

  2. wow! this looks like a watercolor painting. it is just lovely! i've never used the golden texture, guess i'll have to give it some attention : )

  3. Love the softness of this exquisite image, Teresa! Beautifully done! :)


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