26 Jan 2012

The anemones have returned . . . . .

 . . . . .so Spring is on its way . . . not that you would believe it today . . .cold . . rain . . thunder . . .hail . . .lightning . . .

I spoke some time ago about the fields of wild anemones we have here in certain areas and I was visiting them on Saturday . . .what a treat.

This is one of the shots I got . . . .luckily the field was higher than the road so I was able to get a level view of them.

                                                                                (texture by Distressed textures)

I've included the layers panel because I know that some people like to see how the image is constructed.

I love the wildflowers we have here . . not only because of their variety but also their abundance . . . . .roll on warmer weather :-)

Love Teresa xx :-)


  1. I've always been fond of windflowers. Your texturizing is lovely - thanks so much for including your "recipe"!

  2. I love anemones. You have done a superb job with your edit, so pretty.

  3. Lucky you to have anemones already blooming!! This is lovely!

  4. Truly lovely photo of the Anemones. Way to soon here for them but things are starting to look a little more lively so spring will be here before we know it.


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