13 Jan 2012

Photo Art Friday . . . .

The challenge over at Bonnie's was to use her textures to create a piece of artwork.

I've been on the beach a few times lately and had taken lots of shots of the waves crashing. . . . . this is one of those shots with the textures "Medieval Magic" and "Abstract scratches" applied.


The sea has calmed down now . . . . I love it when the waves are crashing ashore . . . .but the weather is still cold and very changeable but at least the sun shone today :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, Teresa xx 


  1. I wonderful photograph you must have been really close or was it the lens? Your treatment is also subtle without detracting from your subject. Cheers

  2. Oh I love seeing waves like this crashing on shore. It's been so long though since I've been to the coast. You picked the perfect textures for this photo.

  3. Beautiful processing. When I first glanced at it in the thumbnail, thought it might be a glacier. Very cool. Thanks for posting. Karen

  4. This could be a texture of its own. Nice treatment.

  5. I love to go down the beach when the weather is a little rough and the waves are crashing in...Lovely edit.

    1. Can't get into the comment box proper.

      I'd love to see the sooc of this one. Any chance of a mousie?

  6. What a great shot! You got right into that wave - I can hear it and taste the salt. Wonderfully done.

  7. I love how the beach glistens probably from the texture. Very nice.

  8. Sorry for your net problems, Teresa!
    Lovely glistening image! Well done :)


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you