7 Nov 2011

Autumn glory . . . . .

The leaves on one of our apricot trees have turned the most amazing colour this autumn.

Here are three of them :-)

                                                                                                                                      (texture by Kim Klassen)

Happy Monday everyone,
Love Teresa xx :-)

Hannah has asked me for some more info on pp so here it is.

Here's the original

I ran the image through the Redfield Fractalius filter to get the effect  I wanted.

Then on to the texture which is KK chamomile (well spotted Hannah)

And that was it . . . .please excuse the spider scrawl above :-) xx


  1. Common girl: I want to know the "how and which".
    And to see the original.
    It is so very luminously beautiful and I want to try this for myself.
    I think I recognize kk's chamomile,or a portion of it anyways. What else, and how much of which blend?

  2. Courgeous photos, Teresa.

    Would love for you to stop by my blog when you have a moment or 2. Check out my freebies - I'm celebrating my 2nd blogoversary - please spread the word!


  3. Thank you Teresa.
    It is new to me to use the same texture so often, and then a double dose of luminosity. It shows though. That filter you mention, in fact any filter, is outside my scope at present. But it will come.
    I shan't be up early tomorrow. Two days in a row is a bit much :-).

  4. Beautiful edit on a beautiful composition.

  5. Teresa, what you do with textures is beyond amazing.
    You are truly such a talented artist, and each visit here is more beautiful than the one before.
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful Tuesday.


  6. Beautiful edit really gorgeous and the light is perfect.


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you