13 Nov 2011

A winter Sunday . . . .

Well . .  after the lovely spell of calm, warm weather today we have winter . . . .windy, rainy and cold. The picture below is one I took of a summer storm but I've worked on it to give it a more wintery feel and it kind of sums up today.

                                                                                                                           (texture by Kim Klassen)

Hope your Sunday is warm and cosy . . . .  like mine is now I'm snug inside . . .
Love Teresa xx :-)


  1. Hello Teresa,
    Ours was not just warm and cosy indoors: it was true Indian summer weather outside.
    Short sleeves, blue skies, sitting out in the sun after lunch and going for a long, long walk in the woods, kicking the deep layers of dry beechleaves until they crackled.
    Bliss. And the wind, what little there was, seemed to be from the North, so....maybe things will be looking up for you tomorrow, with some of our high temps coming your way.
    I remember seeing the nice sunny version of this scene. Hopefully that will be applicable again for you soon.

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous, so much like a painting. I love the composition.

  3. Happy Monday, Teresa!
    Awww, what a lovely capture! And I love your edit, it looks like a painting. :)
    Happy day!

  4. Somehow my comment broke in two this morning: meant to say how lovely and fluffy the white foam looks. that responded well to your texture. difficult to accommodate six horizontal portions and get them all to harmonize. My keyboard refuses every second capital.
    Love the parasols in the next post: they look like nuns with wooden legs walking away from you :-)

  5. Your photos are simply gorgeous!

    Kat :)


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