22 Nov 2011

A load of old rope . . .

Well mooring lines actually . . . .
I was walking along by the harbour at Kefalos . . . . . .which I'm very happy to say is close to where I live . .
. .when I spotted the mooring lines of the little boats which are moored on the harbour beach. Some of the ropes were lying on the sand others were pulled tighter but I found the sight of them with their shadows really appealing.

I've used that photo for todays Texture Tuesday entry

"Ropes and Shadows"

This is the edit I did in Elements but I also ran it through RadLab . . .which I'm really impressed with.

We've got clouds today and maybe rain later but in the next couple of days I need to get out to pastures new with my camera . . .I get twitchy if I don't use my camera :-))

Looking forward to seeing your work.
Happy Tuesday, Teresa xx :-)


  1. Such a creative shot. Love what you have done with the textures.

  2. Oh, that is so peaceful! Perfect tones and texture and lines! Lovely!

  3. Hi Teresa,
    just found your blog and I love it!

  4. Ciao Teresa!
    Awwww, you live near the harbour at Kefalos? How lucky! :)
    Lovely edit. How are you liking RadLab? I wanted to try the free version, but didn't find the time to do it yet.
    Happy day!

  5. this is very impressive; love the composition and the processing is wonderful - great composition. thank you. kareninkenai {texture tuesdays}

  6. Good morning Teresa,
    Another departure from your usual today.
    When I look at all the steps some of the contributors take to reach their goal, I can see how my 'work' is just child's play. These wonderful results don't come easily.
    This deceptively simple image tells a story.

  7. Hi Teresa, love your image, thanks so much for you simple and clear insight into your process!
    Blessings Suzanne

  8. I love the patterns you've caught here, the processing works so well with the beachy look :)

  9. you really have an eye for texture in your surroundings! it looks fantastic!

  10. I love the abstract quality of this image....beautiful processing!

  11. WOW - this turned out great!

  12. Clever composition and lovely treatment!

  13. What an interesting photo this made - beautiful!

  14. I love the dynamic lines and patterns you've captured here -- it makes a very compelling image. Wonderful texture, too!

  15. This is a very interesting subject and treatment. It really works.


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you