16 Nov 2011

Butterfly or should that be Flutterby . . . . .

These butterflies are very common over here  . . .I think they are called "painted lady" but I could well be wrong :-) The problem is  . . .as you all probably know . . .they love to move about but after lots of blurry shots I managed to get this one whilst it was reasonably still.

I've used textures by Leslie Nicole and have included my layers panel from Elements as some people have asked me how I use the textures.

I suppose one of the most important things in this image is that I changed the colour of the texture from shades of blue to shades of yellow. I often do this with a texture so that the colour of the texture harmonises with the colours in the image. This can be done beforehand ,like I did here,or during processing. If you do it during processing and have multiple layers of the same texture you can alter the colour on each individual layer and sometimes it's only a change on one layer that's needed. Leslie had a really good tutorial on her site which shows how to do this . . . .and honestly it's not difficult. Here's the link . . . . tutorial.

The second thing I did was to smooth out the texture because I particularly wanted a smooth look for this.

Anyway here's the image . . . . . . "dining al-fresco"


                                 . . . . .and here's the layers panel

If anyone wants to ask me any questions about this I'm more than happy to help . . .if I can . . .but not right now as I'm off to bed :-)
Love Teresa xx :-)


  1. Hi Teresa, wow I just love this, I stopped by to leave a comment on your texture tuesday image, but just had to say something on this one first. It is so ethereal and has such a dreamy quality to it, I would so love to get to the place where I can do this.

  2. Ciao Teresa.
    Love the dreamy look your edit gave to the pretty butterfly! :)
    Have a lovely weekend ahead!

  3. This is smashing.
    Not so keen on the redlab thingies.
    Does my eyes in somehow, whereas this is so soothing.
    Does l'Aube mean Dawn?
    Is that a free one or part of your purchased collection? I'm trying to find a photo with object distribution like yours, so I can try your recipe and not be my usual uncontrolled self :-)


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you