27 Nov 2011

The remains of summer . . . .

I can't remember what these flowers were . . . all that's left now are the dried husks . . .but I thought they were pretty in their own right.
After I had worked on this I went back to the field to see if I could identify them . . but I couldn't even find them . . .so they're a mystery

Anyway here are "Fields of Gold"

                                                                                (texture by Leslie Nicole)

It's sunny but colder today but I think I can find a spot out of the wind for my morning latte

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone, Teresa xx :-)

P.S Hannah very kindly offered to identify this for me so . . .here is the unedited version

Thank you Hannah x


  1. Sorry. Mistype again. Please remove the above remnant. Too embarrassing. Show me a close-up untreated and I could confirm my suspicion. If you're really interested.

  2. Not quite big enough, but I am beginning to think that it is not Knapweed,Centaurea,as I first thought. That has a checkered pouch beneath the flat top.

  3. this picture turned out just lovely! i always enjoy seeing the before photo. well if you can't figure out the type of flower, you can always go back to that place in the summer and recapture it in bloom to show us what it looks like : )

  4. very lovely image; love the "gold" - rather like your blog background which is beautiful, also. wonderful processing. thank you, kareninkenai (PAF)

  5. Oh what a beautiful edit, just lovely!!

  6. A lovely edit of the original. I love the soft glow added to the background by the texture.

  7. A row of buttons just in case there is a resemblance.
    Can you tell I am absorbed in the Times Crossword :-)

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