12 Oct 2011

"Dancing Daisies"

Woo hoo, my internet is fixed . . . .so, in celebration I've posted this piece of work "Dancing Daisies" . . . . . it matches my mood :-))

The daisies were growing wild in a field and were sparkling as the sun began to dry off the droplets.

Hope you enjoy them and they bring some cheer to your day as well.

                                                                                                  (texture by FrenchKissTextures)

Love Teresa xx :-)


  1. Ciao Teresa, so glad your net connection is ok now. Love your post title and the daisies are so lovely against the blue! A fab edit! Have a happy rest of the week.

  2. How delightful.
    Love the spirit of this and the special turquoise green to set off the white petals of the dancing daisies.
    Don't eat them please :-)


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