14 Oct 2011

Rescued . . . .

This little dahlia was the last one of the summer and with gale force winds and storms forecast . . . .yes the storm that took out our phone and internet for a few days  . . . . . I decided to rescue it and brought it inside to finish flowering.

This is my shot of it with the added textures.

      "Essence of dahlia"

                                                                                                      (texture by FrenchKissTextures)

I'm over to post this at Photo Art Friday and I'm looking forward to see what lovely pieces of work you've all posted this week.

Love to all Teresa xx :-)
Pixel Dust Photo Art


  1. good morning, teresa:) this flower looks ethereal, as if the light comes through it... AWESOME!!!

  2. Beautiful image, so soft and delicate.

  3. Essence of Dahlia over a Dahlia? That is what I call consistent. Is there really such a texture? It makes for great softness, especially in the glass container.

  4. Teresa, this is just gorgeous!
    What a wonderful choice of texture.
    Sending you wishes for a great weekend!

  5. really beautifully done, soft and serene :)

  6. This is stunningly beautiful!

  7. It truly is the essence of dahlia, such beautiful flowers.
    Your recent posts of other flowers are gorgeous;
    you have a gift for photographing them

  8. You've really created a piece that looks like a painting. So soft and dreamy! Thank you for sharing with Photo Art Friday.

  9. What a beautiful little dahlia - maybe symbolic of the earth returning to rest until spring.

  10. Oh how lovely. It's looks just like a painting with the texture you used. Very nice.

  11. Your work is awesome. I love how you edit you photos!Excellent work!


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you