15 Oct 2011

Early Autumn Sun

We had ferocious storms last weekend, thunder, lightning, gale force winds but yesterday and toady the sky is blue and the weather is balmy. . . . maybe not for long though because it's due to change tomorrow for another few days.

Someone once asked me how I cope with the monotony of blue skies all summer long (I apologise to anyone who has had poor summer weather). I replied that I love it . . . not the heat . . .hot is hot and shade and cool are better . . . . but even though the sky is blue every day feels different. For example the wind changes dramatically from one day to the next as does the humidity and each day has a different feel to it whether sunny or cloudy.

This photo which I've called "strawberries and cream" reminds me of all that I love about warm weather . . . . particularly sitting in the shade with a cool drink and a good book . . . .and the thought of a nice meal to come . . . . .I've got simple tastes.

Hope you enjoy it

                                                                                                                 (textures by French Kiss Textures)

Have a good weekend everyone, Teresa xx :-)


  1. Hello Teresa, you out there, sitting in the sun with a good book: I can't help wondering about the phrase '...a nice meal to come'.
    This poses the question of where it comes from and who cooks it.
    It implies that you will do nothing more strenuous that eat it :-)
    Your rose looks like a wonderful butterscotch dessert to go with that meal.
    I want to be sitting there too.

  2. Stunningly gorgeous. I am your newest follower!


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