31 Oct 2011

Roses are . . . . . .

Well in this case they start out orange and yellow and finish up this lovely pink colour. They are only small but they grow in clusters so make a beautiful show. I forget their name but if anyone wants to know I'll ask my husband . . . . . . . . .who is the expert in all things gardening.

                                                                                                              (texture by Leslie Nicole)

Sometimes when I put a texture on a photo I have to try various ones before I find one that seems to fit but as soon as I used this texture I knew it was right . . . .don't you love it when that happens . .

So, I hope you enjoy it and it brightens up your Monday,

Love Teresa xx:-)


  1. Molten gorgeousness.
    Where's my spoon :-)

  2. This is just so lovely. Read your interview on French Kiss. Very inspiring.

  3. A pink dream, quite lovely and soft.

  4. I love this textured photo, and I too love roses...I'm experiencing Spring at the moment, so the garden is full od beautiful rose blooms,

  5. These are all wonderful :)great texture work.


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