11 Oct 2011

Red Tuesday

Red is the theme over at http://www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe/ for Texture Tuesday

What did I choose ? A red rose of course which should be of no surprise to anyone who is beginning to get to know me a little :-)

This was a beauty taken in the garden in the Spring. Because the summers are so hot my flower photography kind of gets put on hold from July to Sept so I'm waiting with baited breath for the recent rain to start producing blooms again.

I used two of Kims textures "light paper" and "serious magic".

My internet problems continue . . . . . . . a fault developed on Friday which resulted in a dead phone and no internet and was compounded on Sunday when the telephone line in the road snapped in the wind :-(( so I'm going to apologise in advance for not visiting as many of you as I would like. My internet time is at the local wifi cafe for the near future.

Love Teresa (from a very soggy Kos after heavy thunderstorms ) xx :-)



  1. I've heard of some excuses for pub crawling :-)
    My. Teresa, that is in-your-face red today : can't ignore a rose like that. And you are expecting more of these outside soon? How lucky can one get.I like the glow behind the red as well.
    Enjoy your cafe outings.

  2. the editing is superb! and doesn´t this rose look like having veins? nature captured at its best!

  3. Wow, this is one of the most gorgeous roses I've seen. Your editing and texture work is wonderful. Sorry to hear about your weather and internet problems. We are all so wired up that to lose it even for a short while is really disruptive, isn't it!

  4. A beautiful bloom!! Lovely texture treatment:)

  5. Hi Teresa! Thanks for adding the Following Widget. Lovely rose and texture. Looking forward to seeing your work. Sandra

  6. Beautiful composition, colors, and texture.

  7. Simply beautiful! So peaceful and gorgeous!

  8. ...I am always overwhelmed by the beauty of roses..you´ve captured it so perfectly!

  9. The rose looks like velvet - I want to reach out and touch it!


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