28 Oct 2011

Memories . . . . .of a lovely day

During the summer two girlfriends and myself took a day trip to the island of Kalymnos. We had a wonderful day travelling all over the island and ended up at lunchtime at a small harbour where we had a long leisurely lunch.
After lunch I wandered about with my camera and this is one of the shots I took. The roof with the bougainvillea climbing all over it is the taverna where we ate lunch.

I've done various bits and pieces on this to get the look I wanted including adding textures by Kim Klassen.

I'm linking up with Pixel Dust Photo Art for Photo Art Friday so I'll see you there. Time for breakfast now :-)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Teresa xx :-)                                                                            

Photo Art Friday


  1. The colors are gorgeous. Very mesmerizing. Well done!

  2. You've given this photo such a lovely, painterly feel. Thank you for sharing it with Photo Art Friday, Teresa.

  3. Everything but the kitchen sink by the looks of it :-) There is so much to see in there,you could make it into a treasure hunt. Fascinating contrast between the [fairly]restful top and the frantic lower half. A bit different from your usual choices.

  4. Oh I DO love this one Teresa!
    Such beautiful color and wonderful softness.
    Makes me long for summer!
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  5. Teresa, what a lovely spot to lunch and spend time with friends. I like the processing and the riot of color!

  6. What a beautiful image from a beautiful day.

  7. Such a lovely scene. Those flowers are divine and you did a wonderful job with the editing of the photo.


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