20 Aug 2011

Down by the sea

Twilight time at the harbour.

In the summer, as the sun begins to sink, there is a lovely pink glow down by the harbour. It deepens little by little as the night time approaches until it finally gives way to the darkness.

Because it' so warm in the evening, lots of people are about and it's quite a busy time with fishing, strolling and sitting . . . .

So this is "twilight at the harbour"

Textures were by Kim Klassen.

Enjoy your weekend, Teresa xx :-))


  1. You're not just a one-trick-pony, are you?
    These scenes from the island are lovely.
    More please.
    What is it called again?

  2. Me again. don't know when to shut up.
    Did you visit your fellow Kos bloggers?
    Take a look here http://lifeinpatmos.blogspot.com/
    Made me smile.

  3. Oh, this is so lovely! Wonderful colors...love the texture!


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