19 Aug 2011

Friday Fiesta . . .

Hope you all feel in a "Friday" mood today and have good things planned for the weekend.

Here's my shot for today . . . . "Friday Fiesta"

This zinnia was just so vibrant under the hot morning sun, I didn't want to dampen it's colour in any way.  The textures I used are by  by Leslie Nicole . . .who incidentally has a competition running at her site to choose the photo with the best use of her "Purple pros" texture. Anyone can vote so this is the link if you want to pop over.


Love to all, Teresa xx :-))


  1. Hiya,
    I reck9n your Dahlia must have kissed a Zinnia a bit too closely and turned into one :-)
    That is a terrific use of texture. You are a master. [Mistress? - you choose ].
    Can't see anybody voting for my purple patch.

  2. Hi Jo, I had to laugh when I saw your comment and you're quite right, of course . . .I've got dahlias on the brain at the moment . . . .I've changed it to zinnia.
    Haven't see anyone voting for mine yet either, still there's a few days to go.


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you