2 Aug 2011

It's Tuesday so it's Texture Tuesday

It's Tuesday so it's time for me to post my Texture Tuesday entry over at Kim's site http://www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe/ and I know there will be lots of inspiring for me to see later.

Anyway here's my entry this week, Freesias which I photographed after a rain shower when the sun had reappeared.

For those of you who would like to know what I did to the photo, I've detailed the steps below.

After some editing to increase the detail I used the "subtly yours" texture and masked out (black brush) various parts of the photo at different opacities . I used the soft light blend mode.

I then duplicated the layer two more times using soft light and adjusted the mask layer to get the look I wanted.

I used a burn brush at a very low opacity around the corners and went over with the impressionist brush at a very low opacity to blur certain areas.

That was it. If anyone wants any more info just contact me

Thanks for popping by, I love visitors . . . . . .
See you soon, Teresa xx :-)


  1. Really beautiful!
    The lighting from the side adds such depth, it's almost like you can reach into the photo and touch the flowers.

  2. I can't wait for my freesias to flower. Wonderful work with the texture and the pretty bokeh.

  3. This is so beautiful -- I can almost smell their scent!

  4. The light is wonderful - well done!

  5. These are so sweet. The texture and editing work make them so special. Love it.

  6. Really great editing here!! Love the texture work!

  7. beautiful colours - so delicate - msut play with the burn brush

  8. Beautiful photo - the texture enhances the glowing flowers!

  9. This is magnificent. I could stare at this all day. I love the illusive feeling and your photography is magnificent.

  10. this is wonderful. I love the glow the flowers have!


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