10 Aug 2011

Kos windmills

If you see the title of this you will probably think of the pictures of the windmills on Mykonos you have seen and if you haven't seen them this link will show you what I mean.            


Here on Kos we have some windmills like this but almost all have fallen into disrepair except for one in the village of Antimacheia, which has been renovated and when I visited it some years ago, could still grind wheat.

No, the windmills which are on plain view on the island now are the ones that generate electricity. I've got used to seeing them in the distance and use them daily to see the direction of the wind. It's interesting that the wind is a really good indicator of the likelihood of rain. In the summer it doesn't work because from the end of May until at least September there will be no rain irrespective of where the wind comes from, but during the other months when the wind is from the South, the chances of rain are very high, whereas when it's from the North it will be clear and invariably dry. I love the predictability of this.

So whilst I've come to accept the presence of the windmills I never saw them as being particularly attractive until one day . . . . .

I was driving into Kos town with a friend of mine and she had to stop at the local wood yard to pick up something for her husband , it was winter and although a good couple of hours after sunrise, the day still had that early morning feel about it. I was sat in the car and looked over to a set of newly erected windmills. The light and clouds had conspired to make the windmills look quite lovely in the morning light. I always keep a small camera in my handbag so was able to take some photos.

So this is my first photo today.

Since becoming enthralled by photography about 3 years ago, it never ceases to amaze me how intricate and beautiful flowers are up close, it's a whole new world. So this second photo is of a bottlebrush as the flowers were beginning to unfurl

The flowers remind me of the strips of red liquorice I could buy as a child !!

I'm up really early this morning, the dog heard something . . . . . . .as dogs do . . . .then they go back to sleep and I'm wide awake . . .. . so it's breakfast time for me now.

Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon.

Love, Teresa xx :-)


  1. wow! this bottlebrush macro photo is so beautiful! never had seen flowers like these. you must feel like noon today, since you woke up before the sunrise. wish you a wonderful Wednesday dear. would love to visit Greece :) it's on my dream list. xo

  2. Both your landscape and flower photo are so lovely! I've never seen a bottlebrush bush up close before -- amazing!

  3. What amazing scenery and the flowers are magical ;) x

  4. Your shots are beautiful, but I love the flowers. I often find myself taking pictures of them as well.

  5. I seem to have overlooked posting to this special entry of yours.
    The mountains shot is very stirring even in its peaceful quite. Maybe it is the threat of heat to follow?
    Which you then go on to provide in the shape of the red-hot buds. Quite a combination.


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