8 Aug 2011

Things that fly


As part of the August Break I thought I'd show you a couple of the visitors we get in the garden. They're not rare or anything but still very beautiful.

This first is a swallowtail butterfly I captured when I was sat in a cafe run by a couple of friends of mine. If you are ever in Kefalos it's called T42 and the food is excellent and you get such a warm welcome.

I took my camera with me because Tony who is one of the owners had grown some really spectacular asters and I wanted to get some photos. As I sat there wondering what to shoot a swallowtail butterfly came along and quite happily posed for pics. This is quite fitting really when you think of where the shot was taken and don't you think the aster looks like a coconut madelaine cake ?? Maybe that's just me :-)

This is the result. I used a texture by Leslie Nicole (see button on right panel)

The second photo is of a dragonfly who was sat in the early morning sun drying himself out. I didn't realise they looked so cute up close !!

I'm looking forward to having a mooch around your blogs later on today . . . .I'm off to make the beds now.

Love Teresa XX :-)


  1. Hi Teresa, it is so nice to meet you!! Thank you for your visit. It is how I found you here, and I am so glad I did! What a beautiful blog you have. These photographs are magnificent. I hope you are enjoying The August Break. It is such a great group!

    I wish you a beautiful day!


  2. Gorgeous photos, Teresa! Both amazing! :)
    I do love butterflies, and your dragonfly shot is stunning! Good night. :)

  3. Hiya,
    That butterfly is so special. I mistook your aster for a zinnia as I had never looked at one that closely. Makes for a beautiful image together.

  4. amazing shots! Wonderful textures. Have you linked into artseebloggers.com yet? It's a directory I started of "the creatively inclined"

  5. The first shot is so gorgeous and I love your edit,wow:)


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