17 Aug 2011

Hot here today

It started off really calm and still which usually means the heat is going to rise . . . .and it did !

There's a strong wind now so it should cool down later.

Anyway that . . .

     leads me . . . . .

            to this . . . .

I hope that, no matter what sort of weather you are having, or what sort of day, you are able to find some time to just  . . .  .relax . . .

Love Teresa xx :-))


  1. Today was definitely not one of those "relax" days, but I'm hoping this evening will be. Til then, I can look at this gorgeous photo and dream!! :-)
    I wish you a beautiful evening Teresa!

  2. Wish I was there! I could do with some relaxation :) What is the weather like at Christmas? Just thinking of possible holiday destinations x

  3. Oh boy, this is DREAMY, Teresa! :) Wish I was there. I love the beach! It's been raining a lot here lately, and high temps are around 16 C degrees. :(


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