4 Aug 2011

The August Break

I'm joining in with this challenge, whereby we have to post a photo for each day in August.

Now as I'm delighted to have any excuse to post my flower pics I'm really looking forward to this :-)

One problem :-( I haven't any flowers left in my garden to photo, they've all hunkered on down for the summer but I do have lots in reserve I can share and there are some gardens around that are watered every day which are still producing blooms which I can snap away at and . . . . I could always think outside of the box and photograph other things!!!

I'm in Greece you see and our summers are fierce. We don't have rain between the end of May and September or October so everything gets very crispy!!

A lot of my photos have textures layers added and all of them have been worked on in Elements (can't afford the grown up version ) to get the look that I want and to make them be the photograph I would have taken in the first place if I was a better photographer!!

If I get the hang of that mouse over thingy I'll include that as well.

I'm really looking forward to this and to seeing lots of lovely stuff.

This is a dahlia with a texture by Leslie Nicole http://frenchkisstextures.com/

And this is a shot of campsis with a texture by Kim Klassen http://www.kimklassencafe.com/thecafe/

Thanks for looking and I hope you call again soon, Teresa xx :-)


  1. Goodmorning Teresa,
    Good. You took the plunge :-).
    I so look forward to seeing what you have in store for us.
    I haven't heard the word 'hunkered down' used for ages. And we haven't had rain in all that time either over here. A deluge yesterday after a drought. So no watering for a few days thank goodness.

  2. You added a flower since yesterday. I wonder what it would look like if you posted one without the white border, seeing that the backgrounds are so alike.

  3. Hi august2011, Thanks so much for your comment about the border around the photo. I didn't actually download it with a border it's a default border for the whole of the site but it's made me look again at the layout and I've made some changes which I think make the photos stand out more.
    Many thanks, Teresa

  4. Ciao Teresa! Oh, I forgot how lovely it is to have a dry summer! Italy's weather is very similar to the one you are experiencing in Greece, and I quite miss it. I have never loved HOT weather before moving to Scotland ;D
    The dahlia is gorgeous, lovely texture work and tones. Well done!
    Happy weekend ahead.


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