18 Aug 2011

Geraniums . . . . .if you look closely

I've been doing a lot of work with textures lately and these are two of my more recent ones.

Both started life as photos as geraniums. The first was pink in colour and the second that lovely bright reddy/orange.

Hope you enjoy them :-))


"Impressions of summer"

The textures used were by Kim Klassen and Leslie Nicole . . . . . .see sidebar for links.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Teresa XX :-))


  1. Hiya Teresa,
    How beautiful. That top one really holds my attention, with the soft pinks and the mystery.Those lovely colours rith through it. Was that first one more than one texture? And the French one?
    You are so accomplished at this.

  2. So soft and beautiful, well done! :)
    Have a lovely Friday ahead.

  3. Hi Jo, I answered your questions on your blog as I didn't know if you would be back here. Thanks so so much for your encouraging comments. Teresa x

  4. They're both so beautiful. I especially love seeing the veins and detail in the top one, and the colors are lovely.

  5. These images are simply stunning!


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you