23 Aug 2011

Texture Tuesday "back to school"


Todays theme over at the cafe is "back to school" . . . Not having any children and being a few years :-) away from my own schooldays I felt a little out of touch with this one, nothing sprang readily to mind.

I thought of taking a pic of a group of books . . . then I thought about "an apple for the teacher" . . . . but nothing was really firing me up . . .

I had more or less decided to go with the apple theme when, as I was out early yesterday morning wandering around with my camera ( it was a rare windless start to the day), I had this idea . . . .

Back to school isn't just an action, it's a time of year and the time of year is the end of summer.

For the children it's the end of the long, hot, days on the beach and in the sea . . . . and the start of early mornings, restrictive clothing and meeting with any friends they haven't seen for the duration of the holidays.

And for me it's these vines leaves beginning to look autumnal and fall from the vines . . . .

The first texture I used was "warmly cracked".
layer 1, normal blend mode, opacity 48%
layer 2, I duplicated the layer, linear burn blend mode, opacity 28%
On both layers I applied layer masks to reveal certain areas.

The second texture was "grunge"
Overlay blend mode, opacity 16%

I then flattened the image, duplicated it and used multiply blend mode at 22%

Hope you all found it easier than me to come up with a pic. . . . . . .I'm looking forward to seeing what you've all been doing . . .
Love Teresa x :-))


  1. 'morning Teresa :)
    Beautifully done, and great choice! Back to school means autumn to us as well. Like you, we felt a bit uninspired from this challenge in the beginning (we do not have kids as well). But Kim's TT is nice also coz it help us getting creative, no? ;)
    Back to you pics, those crispy leaves are lovely :) well done!
    Have a lovely day!

  2. Yes, it is a reminder that Fall is in the air. Very nicely done.

  3. We forgot: we notice that in the US (and apparently in the UK too), apple & school go together. We thought it was 'cos "A is for apple", LOL! You wrote "an apple for the teacher". Why? :) We would never associate an apple to school... not a popular snack in an Italian school. ;D Just curious...

  4. Autumn works well for this prompt~lovely photo!

  5. A great photo..being on the other side of the world..going back to school for us is a long way away. I too how ever love the Autumn colours and falling leaves and my camera has captured many a beautiful image as has yours this TT. Beautful.

  6. Love it! The leaves changing color always reind me of school. Great choice.

  7. Same here, but I wasn't as clever as you to realize that it is a concept rather than a restrictive date.
    You chose well and the light coming through is uplifting. Decline followed by new light.

  8. Followed in your footsteps with a bit of fanciful reasoning and justification :-)

  9. Excellent choice of photo for this week's theme - a unique perspective.

  10. The image is beautiful and the texture is so well done. I am sad to see these colors in the leaves. I'm not ready. Summer was just too short.

  11. Love the light in your image.

  12. Yes ~ my favorite time of year and you have captured it beautifully. The light and texture work is delightful.

  13. Gorgeous photo! Thanks for the recipe!

  14. Such a beautiful composition!
    Being in Texas, I sooooo miss the "Fall" colors.

  15. Hi Teresa, thanks about the "apple" things :)
    Happy hump day!


I really appreciate your comments . . . thank you