13 Aug 2011

The same . . .. . .but different

I did a close up of an hibiscus the other day and instead of keeping it the original lovely peachy orange colour, I decided to see what other colours would look like.

So here are four different variations, pink ,b/w, blue and mauve.

I think the pink version is my favourite and I would be very interested to hear which one you like best.

Thanks for stopping by . . . .xx  :-))              

I had a comment from August 2011 who asked if I could show the original, so here is the original shot plus a photo of the whole bloom taken last year.

xxx :-)


  1. Actually, I'd like a glimpse of the original if I may.
    Is this an outdoor hibiscus or what I know as the houseplant, which probably grows outside where you are.

  2. Hi Jo. this is an outdoor hibiscus but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't survive outside in the uk. I'll post the original shot which will show the colour and also a photo from a few months ago of the whole bloom . . .Teresa

  3. Good. Another treat in store then:-)

  4. Hey? It appeared when I typed my previous comment.
    Sorry dear Teresa, but if the yellow is the true original, I prefer that by far, very, very far. Can't help it: that is absolutely delicious.
    I have never seen a flora-plena Hibiscus before. Not as a house plant either.
    Thanks for the extra fuss I caused you.

  5. Hi Jo, Yes I do as well, it's just that I've taken so many shots of the flower in it's original colour I wanted to try something different :-)) It really is a lovely flower, very intricate in the way the petals overlap each other and I haven't noticed another one over here, although that's probably me not noticing. Thanks so much for your comments x

  6. Teresa, these are just gorgeous!
    I am with you,in that I definitely favor the pink one.
    So beautiful!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  7. Ciao Teresa. I like both the original and the pink one. :) Have a lovely Monday ahead!

  8. I like the original, and the pink best too, though they are all lovely!

  9. They are gorgeous, I can't decide which one I like most pink or blue:)


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