11 Aug 2011


One of the joys of living here in Greece is that from the time of the first rain after the summer ( September or October) the land begins to green up. So by the time Autumn is established it's like Spring :-)

The wild flowers begin to start to appear around December and from then on it's just one variety after another culminating in a really full bodied burgeoning in April. It is really lovely and an absolute gift to anyone who enjoys photographing flowers . . .

Beautiful daisies, there are fields full of them, some white and yellow like this one others all yellow, some small some large , just delightful . .  . ..the texture is by Kim Klassen

I would love to be able to give a name to this plant but I don't know what it's called . . . .

The mauvy/blue flowers of this plant are tiny, I had to get down on the floor to get these. Actually getting down isn't the problem but getting up is.!! I could tell you the story of the day I toppled over backwards through gateposts and got stuck . .  . but to save my dignity . . . I won't  :-))

Texture again by Kim Klassen.

Hope you enjoy these  flowers. They really cheer me and honestly, I get nearly awestruck by their beauty. 

Please feel free to leave comments, I love to get them.
Love Teresa xx :-)


  1. Ever so pretty.
    The name Ashphodel springs to mind. But I don't really know why, as I have never seen one. The last edit is beautiful.
    How I envy you a wildflower revival over the winter months. Any nice houses for rent :-)

  2. Teresa, these photographs are so very beautiful!
    It is so hard to imagine that in December you have wildflowers. Here in December, we usually have snow, and lots of it!

    Love each one of these shots. So beautifully done!

  3. Such pretty flowers...your processing is lovely. It sounds like the climate there is very similiar to ours.


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